Manage Teller Access & Permissions

This feature enables you manage which transactions your tellers can perform. You can update, activate and deactivate each transaction activities you assigned to a teller when the account was set up. 

Navigate to the Tellers Profile i.e. Dashboard > Tellers > Teller Manager > Select Teller >   

On Teller Profile 

  1. Click Manage Accounts 
  1. Select Manage Access 
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  1. On the Permissions Tab, select or deselect the activities you want the teller to perform: 

TIP: You can select the ? icon to get read more about each permission 

a)Can make savings deposit 

b)Can make savings withdrawal 

c)Can perform bank transfers 

d)Can make POS transfers 

e)Can make POS withdrawals 

f)Allow POS Withdrawal Wallet 

g)Can make bill payments 

h)Can access main wallet (This enables your teller to access your main wallet even if there’s no funds in their wallet. You set a maximum amount they can access your wallet daily)  

  1. Submit to save the updated teller permissions. 

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