Recommending Agent POS Request for Approval

Recommending a POS Request

  1. On your Aggregator Dashboard > Select POS
  1. Click on Requests > 
  1. View all POS Requests by your agents > Select a request to recommend or decline
  1. You can view number of Terminals agent is requesting for,  Agent Details, Agent’s EOD, presently allocated Terminal etc.

    We advise that you view the agents profile & EOD to ensure agent is active & capable of meeting transaction targets. Else you can decline the POS Request.

To Recommend the Agent’s Request > Click Recommend POS Request > 

5. PLEASE NOTE: Bankly Activation Fee Applies Per POS TERMINAL (N5000) which would be charged from the agent’s wallet. You are expected to include a logistics charge to the agent, for distributing the POS Terminal to them. 

To Recommend a POS Request 

>  Enter a Logistic Charge (which would be debited from agent wallet and credited to your agent’s commission wallet)  

> Comment on the POS Request 

> Enter your Aggregator Transaction PIN to complete the POS recommendation.

6. Click Dashboard to go back to main dashboard.

You’ll be notified once your agent’s POS request is approved.

N.B. Ensure your agent maintains a healthy wallet balance to enable the POS Approval to be successful as their wallet will be debited.

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