Setting up a teller


  1. On Dashboard > Select “Teller” 
  1. Click on “Add New Teller” 
  1. Enter new teller details 
  1. First Name (of the teller) 
  1. Last Name  (of the teller) 
  1. Teller ID / Business name (Use a unique identifier) 
  1. State of Location 
  1. LGA 
  1. Address 
  1. Upload the Tellers Photo 
  1. On the Permissions Tab, select the activities you want the teller to perform: 

TIP: You can select the ? icon to read more about each permission 

a)Can make savings deposit 

b)Can make savings withdrawal 

c)Can perform bank transfers 

d)Can make POS transfers 

e)Can make POS withdrawals 

f)Allow POS Withdrawal Wallet 

g)Can make bill payments 

h)Can access main wallet 

Upon completion of creating a new teller account, you would see teller login details, which would also be sent to your emai (if you’re on the app).  

The Staff can use the login details to commence operations on The Staff would be required to update the login details and set a transaction PIN. 

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